Top 5 Reasons to Get Video for your Wedding from Sweet Dreams Studio

Sweet Dreams Studio provides best leading wedding and event photography and videography in NJ NY. Here are Top 5 Great Reasons to get Wedding Video as well as Photos from us -

1. Video becomes another pair of eyes on your wedding day
There are so many things going on around you during the wedding and those happy and endearing moments happen very quickly. So it can be hard to see everything going on but with video you get another pair of eyes so you don't miss a thing. For example a video scene of the bride getting ready alone with her emotions showing and words spoken can be shared with the groom after the wedding and vice versa. Other scenes of family and friends reactions during the ceremony and reception can be captured for you to see later.

2. Video Preserves the memories of your wedding day over time
The memories of the wedding day can be vivid and clear right after the wedding day. But as time slowly passes those memories can start to fade. The video allows you to keep those memories of your wedding day clear and sharp with full motion and sound like speeches by the best man and maid of honor. Hearing family and friends speak during the wedding and show their personalities adds real depth to those memories.

3. Video Like Photography is One of the Best Investments You Can Make
Video like photography is one of the few things you get to keep after the wedding. That is why you want to get the best video and photography that you can get. The video is a real treasure that you can view over and over like you were there again. And you can share it with family and friends and with future generations for years to come.

4. There are no do overs on your Wedding Day
Your wedding is one special day and there are no do overs. Again that is why you want to get the best photographer and videographer for your wedding so you can capture those great moments. And if you don't get the video for your wedding, you can never get that back.

5. Over 60-80 Hours Editing your Video
At Sweet Dreams Studio we are really passionate and care about getting you the best video as well as photography for your wedding. We use high end professional camera equipment and we can record in High Definition as well as standard definition for clearer sharper video.  After the wedding we can spend 60-80 hours editing your video with creative eye so we work really hard even after your event and we don't take shortcuts. Our goal is to make it so  good you will want to watch it over and over again just like your favorite movie.  You can see some of our sample videos on our Video page.
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About Sweet Dreams Studio

Sweet Dreams Studio provides fabulous NY NJ award-winning wedding and party photography, video cinematography and the best open air photo booth rental in world. We won 2014 Knot Magazine's Best of Wedding Photography in NJ. We also photograph Sweet 16s, birthdays, bar and bat mitzvahs, corporate and holiday parties. This is where magic happens.
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